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Who Is Meg?

Meg is a manipulator of many years. Actually she is not. She is composed of 6 colour coded robotic monkeys made by Sony. They come together to form a more powerful single organism called M.E.G. whenever she is needed. Usually for juggling conventions and fire festivals. The monkeys don't really enjoy any kind of normal life but they do have lots of fun in zoos after they close.

Who Is Noel?

Noel is an American. He has never voted for Bush. He lives in the Bay Area and is one of the pillars of the spinning community on the west coast of America. He spins everything and can be classed as a manipulator since he juggles also. His name is pronouced No-L, rather than noal. You should remember that in case you meet him. He's a teacher for the Spinagogue and a member of the Vulcan Crew.

Who Is Steve?

Steve is also American, but he didn't have a chance to vote for Bush, because he's been living in Scotland for the better part of his adult life. Like a caterpillar that turns in a beautiful butterfly, Steve's accent is slowly changing into a American Scottish Hybrid, particularly noticable when he says 'Amazin''. Steve is responsible for the making of the DVDs, the voice overs, and for general technical wizardry. Generally thou he's not very responsible. ;)